Raza – Squares and Circles

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Raza Square and Circles

“I cannot understand Raza’s art but I have learnt that it is alright to not always understand things.” Suraj

SH Raza was fascinating to study because there was so much to understand and so much that was left to the students to interpret and make their own. It left students with the sense that no matter how they saw a piece of art, it was right – what was important was that they tried to connect it to their lives and to find meaning for themselves.

Like Suraj said, you can’t always ‘get it’ when you see a piece of art; so much of the story is left for you to interpret.

Artists of Abhyudaya Mumbai Public School – an MCGM school run in partnership with the Akanksha Foundation


Visit the Prince of Wales Museum gardens and send in your pictures with the Art for Akanksha installations at art@akanksha.org!

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