Rousseau Art work - Art for Akanksha


Sometimes, it takes a bit of imagination and some colours to bring together people from diverse backgrounds. Art does this. In our workshops.

The Art for Akanksha workshops create a common platform for children and adults from different sections of the society to interact with each other. The sessions empower each of them with the knowledge, that no matter how different they are, they have the same potential.

These workshops:

  • Are conducted by our alumni, trained in art techniques.
  • Can be customised to suit specific objectives – teaching a new art form, sharing corporate values, etc.
  • Are full of colour and fun.

Planning a birthday?

Get our in-house artists to conduct a colourful session at your party. Be it for tiny tots or restless teenagers, our workshops add the right amount of excitement and fun.

Team that paints together…

Need something to make your teams work together, enjoy themselves and go back with happy memories? Try our workshops. High on interaction and learning, they are popular among corporates as a unique group activity.

It’s great to have moments in your adult life where you can paint without inhibitions in the company of children. Such associations help us learn the value of empathy and understand that we all have wondrous potential in all of us. We just need a safe place to bring out our creativity and imaginations.

Abhik Bhattacherji, Godrej