Going Cubic with Picasso – AFA at Kalaghoda

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Picasso Art work

“Picasso wanted to do something different. So he came up with Cubism. Cubism was totally different from what the artists before Picasso had ever painted.” Says Rohit.

This installation has been all about having fun while learning about Cubism and specifically the life and works of Pablo Picasso.

The disjointed elements of this piece of art were a riot to put together! And it was a great opener for discussions around ‘What is art?’ Who decides what is good art?

We don’t have the answers but as a group, the students got thinking about them.

This is a labour of love by the children of Shindewadi Mumbai Public School

To know what Picasso taught Rohit do visit the Prince of Wales Museum gardens. Send in your pictures with the installation at art@akanksha.org and keep watching this space for more updates on other masterpieces by the Akanksha children. We look forward to your comments!

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