This is a special space – one where the team of teachers, staff, children, alumni, partners and customers use their colours, shiny sequins and pompoms to talk about their art ideas, stories, triumphs as well as challenges. This is the voice of Art for Akanksha.

Sameet’s Classroom

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‘This is me and my class std 2D.

I love my friends and my didis.

I wish there were more games to play and less homework.’

Sameet, 7 year old Akanksha student

What did you think of your school days?

What do you wish had been different?

Meenal’s Idol

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‘I have chosen Shaheen Mistri as my Idol because I liked how she understood the problems of kids and made an effort to resolve them. The qualities of belief in herself, empathy, wanting to make a change and not wanting anything in return are inspirational. I made this art with glue, rawa (granulated wheat) and black ink.’’

Meenal, 14 year old Akanksha student 

Shaheen, our founder, is one who provides endless inspiration to all of us at Akanksha. 

Who is that one person who does that for you?

Words that ‘Pop’

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‘These are mostly the words my friends and I use for expressions, feelings and sounds we use in our daily life and we wrote them in Pop Art style which makes the words pop!’

Ummehani, 12 year old Akanksha student and her friends

What are the words that you often use that need to be made into pop art?

Tanaya’s Illusion

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‘I created reflections of my name using repeated tracing.

My name is hidden in this and it looks like a ninja star and I love it.

It’s like a moving illusion.’ 

Tanaya, 11 year old Akanksha student 


What does your name mean to you!?

Chaitanya’s City

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‘An aerial view provides a captivating perspective.

By observing from above, you gain a unique bird’s eye view that reveals details and patterns that may not be apparent from ground level.

This is my city – Pune.

There is more to it than buildings. It’s actually a green city and it can give a ‘takkar’ to major cities for its green cover!’ 

Chaitanya, 15 year old Akanksha student


Where does your city stand in comparison to Chaitanya’s?! 🙂

Saee’s got something hidden in her Art!

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‘I love this – a colourful and abstract representation of my name.

I wrote my name and then cut it up and jumbled it around till you don’t see my name but it’s hidden in there.

I have used colours, lines and shapes to create something unique!’

Saee, 11 year old Akanksha student


What does your name mean to you? Can you find a creative way to represent your name?

Ritika in a Rainbow

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Ritika’s art teacher describes the art.

‘I like colours and that is why I draw rainbows.

If I had a magic wand.

I would colour the walls red and the fan red.

I love the rainy season because I can see a rainbow in the sky.’

Ritika, 5 year old Akanksha student 

What is your favorite color from the rainbow? 

How do you feel when you see a rainbow?

Alpiyar’s Hometown

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‘My hometown, Kajgao in Maharashtra feels like this.

The river’s cool breeze makes me feel calm.

The sound of the birds relaxes my mind.

The clear sky leaves my eyes satisfied. The smell of the flowers and the earth is beautiful.’ 

Alpiyar 15 year old Akanksha student


What makes your hometown special to you?