Happy Faces - Art for Akanksha

Our team

It’s a diverse team here at Art for Akanksha.

We are individuals from different walks of life united by the belief that children need access to quality art education and that art can change their lives, art can change the world.

Our teachers are a varied group, ranging from those who have studied art to those who simply believe in it. They are the ones who make art come alive in the classrooms, learning as much as they teach the children. They walk out of class covered in glitter and know that they will never feel or look more beautiful than they do at that moment.

The Akanksha art alumni are students who have stayed closely connected to the organisation. They make mural magic, teach art the way they were taught it, market our products and keep the little machinery that is our office moving smoothly. Art for Akanksha belongs to them as much as they belong to it.

Our partners are individuals and organisations who believe in us and go the extra distance to make things happen. Be it designing for us, volunteering in our classrooms, manufacturing products at no margins, pushing corporates to support art, allowing us to paint in their homes or taking interns into their offices – they make our cause their own.