Lifecycle of the products

Each Art for Akanksha expression piece is the result of a process that is as beautiful as the product. The process facilitates a deeper learning and understanding of art, and through that, of the self. The product is merely its by-product.

Art classes

The first designs and ideas for our products come from little fingers with open minds and eyes, in our art classes. The classes work on a theme for 6-12 months. It could be a seemingly simple one, like designs in nature. Or a more complex attempt at studying the works of master artists. The focus isn’t on creating perfect art pieces. It’s on the experience.

The Design Studio

This space throbs with vibrant colours from hundreds of pieces of incredible art. All the art from all the labs find their way here. Then, they are sorted, scanned and catalogued by our alumni along with the designers. The little stories behind each art expression are typed and stored too.

Each year, only a few pieces make it to the next step:  conversion to multiple sizes and formats, which prepare them to go onto a product.

The product shop

Our retail team works closely with the design hub to research and determine the range of products for the year. Prices, quality, vendor’s manufacturing ability – each aspect is carefully considered to ensure the product balances utility with uniqueness.


You find us in so many ways – at bazaars, exhibitions, retail centres, our office or online. By now, each product is ready to shine with its story, through the visual art it carries and the little write-up by the child. You see its mix of utility, quality, price and design. You tell us what you like about it and what you’d like to see in the future. You spread the word and back in the labs, the children are ready to start their journey of discovery again.