Impact Art work - Art for Akanksha


What does art mean to the Akanksha children and how does it impact their lives?  See what they have to say.

My favourite part of class is creating my own designs. Usually there are so many rules to follow but in design class we don’t need to follow rules. Art gives me life. It makes me stand out from others. I can see a thing and inside it and what is happening. It’s the imagination of art.

Mansi, 14 years

From childhood, I’ve been passionate about art because I was interested in colours. In design class we come together to learn different things. Here we learn from outside our textbooks. I feel like it’s the place where my brain starts moving fast! I go deep into everything I see and it’s because of art.

Swapnil, 14 years

We can make anything we want here. I see something, I think and then I create. If I did not have art in my life, then my dreams would be different. Because of art, I am celebrating my dreams. I want to be a designer and Design Class is helping me prepare for it.

Pooja, 15 years

Akanksha was a space where I could explore and discover myself; a place where every day brought with it new learning experiences for me. Many of my friends are married, but now my parents know that I am capable of earning and being independent. This is the place where I have learnt to make choices for myself.

Sana, 24 years, Akanksha alumni and employee