Cushion Covers - Geometric Raza


Essar wanted children in a remote village in Jharkhand to feel a sense of ownership about their school. A few art workshops and fun sessions later, the children painted a tree in their school and put their names on it. Attendance improved.


Six-year old Ambar wanted his room to look like an airport. A few strokes and… an entire airport, complete with aircrafts and aerobridges, came alive on the walls.


Novartis needed a cheerful cafeteria. Over 40 employees and the Art for Akanksha children pulled out their paints. A Madhubani forest bloomed on what was once a blank wall. To think the employees hadn’t painted since they were children!


Art for Akanksha provides customised art solutions through murals. We:

  • Plan murals that fit your home, office and even school spaces.
  • Design them to suit your aesthetic sensibilities.
  • Even get our students to paint along with you, if you’d like to try your hand at a stroke.

Our mural art retains that ‘something special’ feel while following professional processes and quality standards. For a truly memorable experience, we suggest you work with the students. Interact with them. Understand their lives and ideas as they paint. Watch the mural come alive with stories.

Trees, masks, planes – brighten up a wall with these images. Click here to see samples from our mural collection.

The employees who saw the kids painting felt that they were mixing the colours and painting like professionals – with utmost ease. And others, who visited the floor on which we had the exhibition to display the paintings and at the time when the auction was held, have commented that they were really very impressed with the outcome.

Kunda Jadhav, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley