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Art empowers

Art for Akanksha is guided by a firm conviction in the power of art to build skills, strengthen values and nurture a positive attitude. We’ve been taking quality art education to Akanksha children who come from low-income communities through:

Art for us is:

  • A fun, liberating, uninhibited, energetic, explorative and empowering discovery of who we are and all that we can become.
  • Less about the end result and more about the process, the journey we undertake.
  • Less about looking for what we want to see as adults and more about discovering art through the child’s eyes.
  • Less about assignments and exams and more about self-reflection on our growth.
  • Less about making art that looks good and more about creating art that feels good.

Why is Ashish happy placing his mind on paper?

ashishMeet the boy who once hated art, but now stays back even after art classes end.

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