Sunflower Art Work - Art for Akanksha

Uniquely for you

Have an unusual idea for a product but don’t know how to get it made?

Want an off-beat gift that you won’t find in regular stores?

Call Art for Akanksha.

We turn concepts into well-defined ideas and eventually, into the product for your needs. Our spontaneity of expression can be applied to a theme that’s dear to you. What’s more, it can be packaged with the thought that it’s more than a product; it’s an opportunity for children to showcase their skills.

We can help, if you need:

  • To think of innovative return presents
  • To perk-up, paint and customise stools and furniture
  • That something really unique for your corporate clients
  • Outstanding packaging
  • A special mural for a theme
  • A workshop for children or adults
  • Even a pair of shoes painted

Reach out to us, if you want something customised, something that’s really one of its kind and something that’s uniquely for you.

Made to order

We have created unique products for corporate clients, such as:

  • Franklin Templeton
  • Citibank
  • Forbes Marshall
  • Jindal Steel Works
  • Novartis
  • Lightbox
  • Whistling wood
  • Lawquest
  • Thermax