Tree Art work - Art for Akanksha


Art for Akanksha uses art as a tool of empowerment. Our skills and expertise can support corporate partners like you, in making a sustainable difference to children and youth from low-income communities.

Quick, one-time activities or long-term partnerships aligned with your CSR goals – there are many ways in which we can work with you. Here are a few high-impact activities that you can consider:

  • Sponsor. Our classes in schools take art education and opportunities for learning to 8000 children. Support these programmes to ensure your contributions have a wider impact.
  • Buy. Art for Akanksha products are a blend of quality, aesthetics and utility. They are ideal for corporate gifts. We can even custom design them, in sync with your brand identity.
  • Organise. Get our art team to conduct a workshop or design a mural at your office. They make for great team building opportunities. Your personnel can even join us in painting the mural.
  • Support. Help our alumni build their art-related careers through scholarships, mentoring, internships and job opportunities.

Many colours; many opportunities

Art for Akanksha offers corporates a range of intervention opportunities. Take a look at the complete list of options here.

Kuoni India has collaborated with Art for Akanksha on numerous occasions for their high-quality products which are created with finesse and sheer creativity by the children at Art for Akanksha. Through a series of initiatives, Kuoni India continues to support the organisation.

Bineeta Mehta, Kuoni