Our story

One of the most unique programs we offer to all our children is the opportunity to learn art, to immerse themselves in it, to express themselves through it and to discover who they are in the process of its creation. In our schools, art is not just colours on paper, it’s a very powerful medium of self expression of a child’s individuality.
Every year  Akanksha brings out a vibrant new collection of products using art work created by the Akanksha children. 

Art for Akanksha is about children and their fascinating creative expression.

It’s about children who have really tough lives but still find a reason to laugh and sing. It’s about children who instinctively choose to use bright reds, blues and pinks even when they’ve had a rough day. It’s about art and its wonderful way of allowing children to be spontaneous, free and in control of what they create.

The belief

True education is not just about earning grades on core subjects. It’s about seeing problems creatively and using different approaches to find better results. It’s about learning skills and values that define who we are, and using that learning to make the right choices.

Such learning opportunities are vital for children, particularly when they come from low-income communities where a happy childhood is a distant privilege. This is where Art for Akanksha makes a difference.

Art is a vehicle through which children can speak their mind, paint their world and dream of a very different life for themselves. At our art class, the children don’t just learn art. They laugh, do masti and immerse themselves in a world that takes them on a magical journey of discovery. It’s a way to hang on to a childhood that so many of them don’t have.

This is no ordinary elephant.

Gond Elephant_Akanksha Wall Clock - SquareIt symbolises a spirited fight – an Art for Akanksha child’s pursuit of a larger-than-life dream and efforts to turn it into reality. Perfect for your shelf, perfect for a gift. Get more products like this, here.

The story of Art for Akanksha

A box of colours is a potent tool for building tomorrow.

At Art for Akanksha, we live this conviction. We believe that there is a great need for quality art education in our schools and aim to create a model for art education, which can be taken into any government or low-fee private school.