Our story

Art for Akanksha’s mission is to provide a powerful art education for children within as well as beyond the Akanksha network, supporting and demonstrating the belief that art empowers. A powerful art education enables children to EXPRESS themselves by helping them LEARN a visual language to DISCOVER, CREATE and TELL their stories 

Since its inception in 1996, the visual arts program at Akanksha has been seen as an essential part of education. Art at Akanksha is not a co-curricular, an extra curricular. It is considered as crucial a part of a student’s education as Math or Science or Language, building invaluable knowledge, skills and values that go beyond the art class.

Art is a vehicle through which children can speak their mind, paint their world and dream of a very different life for themselves. In Art class, children don’t just learn art, they are building key skills they need for life, they are immersing themselves in stories of what they see around them, they are learning to discover and create and through all of this, to hold onto a childhood so many of them don’t have.

Every year Akanksha brings out a vibrant new collection of products using art work created by the Akanksha children. We hope you like them

The belief

True education is not just about earning grades on core subjects. It’s about seeing problems creatively and using different approaches to find better results. It’s about learning skills and values that define who we are, and using that learning to make the right choices.

Such learning opportunities are vital for children, particularly when they come from low-income communities where a happy childhood is a distant privilege. This is where Art for Akanksha makes a difference.

Art is a vehicle through which children can speak their mind, paint their world and dream of a very different life for themselves. At our art class, the children don’t just learn art. They laugh, do masti and immerse themselves in a world that takes them on a magical journey of discovery. It’s a way to hang on to a childhood that so many of them don’t have.

This is no ordinary elephant.

This diary and the art and stories within it are symbolic of all that children as well as adults went through during the two years of the pandemic. The art on the cover talks about positive and negative art, a concept students learn but here you see how Dhiraj connects it to life and all that he was experiencing in isolation. here.

The story of Art for Akanksha

A box of colours is a potent tool for building tomorrow.

At Art for Akanksha, we live this conviction. We believe that there is a great need for quality art education in our schools and aim to create a model for art education, which can be taken into any government or low-fee private school.