Love art in its many forms? Eager to see how it can facilitate a positive change? Join hands with Art for Akanksha.

We offer many ways in which you can be part of the cause.

Hosting an Akanksha Home Bazaar essentially this means we come in for a day – take over your living room and display all our products and you invite friends, colleagues over and they come in through the day – 11.30am to 6pm – pick up products that they like, place orders and get to know a little bit more about the organization and our work.

We’ve found these to be really successful over the years because its a casual yet intimate setting where people inevitably get excited about knowing more about the Akankshachildren and our schools and its led to great opportunities whether its murals or workshops, donations as well as teaching and volunteering queries. 

All you essentially need to do is give up your living room space for a day and invite everyone you know. We create a beautiful invite which you can watsapp or email out. The Akanksha team does everything from answering questions, to billing and packaging and handling the customers, you get to play host!

We offer many ways in which you can be part of the cause.

  • Volunteer. Be part of the sessions at our classrooms or art labs on weekends. Design products for us or help market them. You can even guide our alumni with art-related career options.
  • Donate. Art supplies, art books or other resource material that you think would be useful to us – share them.
  • Sponsor. Support an art class, a field trip or workshop. You can even provide financial aid to our alumni, who are studying art.
  • Shop. Buy our product. Request a workshop or get a mural done from our art team.
  • Consider a career at Art for Akanksha. Teach art in our schools or art labs, or support the marketing and merchandising team.