Art for Akanksha installations at the Kalaghoda Festival 2015

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Art for Akanksha installation at Kalaghoda Fest 2015

Van Gogh – an exploration

‘Van Gogh was brilliant but no one liked his paintings. But he kept painting. I liked that.’ Chiran, 15 years old

The Akanksha children studied the great artists and found that there was something that moved and touched them about their stories and their art. Vincent Van Gogh was one of those artists. A small group of Akanksha children spent many a weekend trying to express the impact that he had on their lives.

They spent hours trying to get the textures right and to come together as a group while really working on their pieces individually. ‘We made many errors and had to re-do sections but like Van Gogh we did not give up and worked hard,’ says Chiran.

Chiran, Ruby, Kajal, Bhageshree, Lucky, Sameer, Anil, Rahul &Priti are Akanksha’s little artists who worked on this installation.

Watch this space for more updates on the other masterpieces by the Akanksha children. You can see them all at the Prince of Wales Museum gardens starting today! Do send in your fun pictures with the installations at We look forward to your comments!

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