Art gives me life!

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manasi“I can see a thing, and inside it, and what is happening. It’s the imagination of art.” Striking aren’t they, the words of a 14-year-old who appreciates the almost magical effect of art on her life?

Mansi discovered this new perspective through her journey in design class, which spurred on her love for bringing alive new thoughts and ideas. Her designs give her the space to be unique and let her imagination soar. “Art gives me life. It makes me stand out from others,” she says.

She also realises that art refreshes her and prepares her to take on her studies with a renewed focus. Moving outside the four walls of the classroom, she feels a deep sense of belonging and kinship with her community, having experienced all this and more in design class.

Mansi dreams of becoming a doctor. She feels confident and equipped to stay focussed, study hard and look into the finer details of things. Today, more than anything else, she values her ability to imagine – it has been nurtured and sharpened in art class. And this, she is confident, will someday complement her efforts in healing people.

Board exam score: 81%

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