Art, a Social Leveler

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Going Cubic with Picasso - Art for Akanksha at Kalaghoda

Picasso installation by Art for Akanksha students awarded third place at the Kala Ghoda

The tall, colorful, almost bizarre Picasso installation blends in beautifully amongst the many at the Kala Ghoda festival. There are installations on Andy Warhol, Zakhir Husain, Brinda Miller, Henri Rousseau and many others. As you walk by these pieces of art, you’re blown away with what children can do, what art can do for children and what schools can do if they believe in the power of art for their children.

What you don’t really think of seeing are the placards next to each which proudly say who’s created them. If you looked at those you’d realize what an incredible social leveler art can be. Within that little garden of the Prince of Wales museum, you have some of the most privileged schools along with government schools. And you’d never be able to guess which belonged to which.

It makes me believe even more strongly in the power of art, it makes me believe what we have always believed at Akanksha – children are essentially the same, they only differ in the opportunities that they have access to.

As I got calls and emails congratulating us for getting third place for our Picasso installation, I felt proud of my Akanksha children and teachers because they can do anything they set their minds to. Resources matter and make a difference, but belief, determination and passion is what will always make that bizarre, tall, wildly colored Picasso stand out. So proud!


Director, Art for Akanksha

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