Alumni Feature: “The dot helped me realise my potential”

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Hi. I am Sana. I am an Akanksha alumnus. I joined design class when everything was going wrong for me and I had really low self esteem. But the more classes I attended the more I learnt about myself. I learnt that I should never laugh at anyone or pull them down. I learnt that I should always encourage people and help them grow in confidence.

In art class I came up with my own unique style of using dots. It was a phase where I only used dots and I would get completely engrossed in them. The dot was a mirror that helped me realise my potential. I’ve tried to bring it back again! Hope you like it.


Watch out for the ‘Art for Akanksha Retrospective Collection’ which brings back some of the art, products as well as students that go back almost 25 years and brings it back to the present.  It is about ideas, motifs and themes that keep the essence of its Akanksha creators but with a more modern feel.


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