Alumni Feature: “Art class taught me to believe in myself”

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“Hi. I am Naval. I am an Akanksha alumnus. Art class taught me to believe in myself and never give up in any situation. I started my journey here as a student and today I teach art to all my students. Whatever I’ve learned so far through art, I’d like to give back to all my kids.

The fish motif used to be a predominant feature in all my art work as a child. I’ve tried to bring it back in a new avatar. Hope you like it.”


Watch out for the ‘Art for Akanksha Retrospective Collection’ which brings back some of the art, products as well as students that go back almost 25 years and brings it back to the present.  It is about ideas, motifs and themes that keep the essence of its Akanksha creators but with a more modern feel.

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