Oh the places we went!

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Book reading, furniture painting and fun galore

Art for Akanksha’s summer workshops at Ashok Tower teed off once again this year. The children tried their hand at furniture painting as they learnt its nuances, different art techniques and introspected on some incredible Dr. Seuss quotes. Oh the places they went and the stories they shared! They went where “It’s opener there in the wide open air,” because they wanted to fly and soar. They discovered their super powers and donned their super hero look. Vir – the super climbing man, Ahaana’s super hero name was ‘Flexi’, Tara – the Mathemagician, Arishka – whose super power was her ability to sing and enchant others! And so very many more… The book reading sessions set the pace for the day, with the kids enacting their favourite parts. The kids were so excited to see their piece of art on the furniture that they couldn’t wait to take them back home and proudly display it to their families. We were happy to receive messages from mothers to let us know that their kids had a blast and were eager for more such art activities in the future.

For information on art/ birthday party workshops do mail us at art@akanksha.org

At Art for Akanksha, we believe that art can be a special way of bringing together children from different spheres of society, empowering each with the knowledge that no matter how different they are they still have the same potential.

Art for Akanksha empowers children from low income communities with a powerful art education, provides art-related career opportunities for Akanksha alumni and generates revenue through high-quality products.

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