ELEFISHISTIC: Installation at the Kalaghoda

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We chain them, abuse them, whip them, shoot them, eat them, shoo them, beat them, kick them. It’s a pity they don’t know to speak, if they did, our ears would have bled with the echo of their expletives.

Animals! These wonderful creatures deserve to be free, in their homeland, in the midst of lush green trees and idyllic mountains.

This model is a reminder of how these rock stars need to survive happily, just like you and me, and we need to help them find their perfect place rather than driving them towards extinction.

There are five animals that are merged together in the model, as if forming a whole, asking you take notice of their plight, their beauty and their struggles. All of them have decently long life spans, but do we really let them live that long….THINK!

Installation created by:

8 to 14 year old students of
Laxmi Nagar Mumbai Public School and
Shindewadi Mumbai Public School –
MCGM schools run in partnership with The Akanksha Foundation 


Coming up: ZOO MANIA!

If you love the installations and the hard work put in by our children and teachers, do send us your picture with our installation and a line on why you like it to art@akanksha.org. The best answers will win our art tiffin box filled with goodies. We’d love to feature you on our blog!  🙂

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