Boundary-less Art

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Six bright, enterprising Middle School students at ASB selected Art for Akanksha for their CSR project. They tried to understand some of the key issues faced by the organisation. They interacted with the team, alumni, and the art students and came up with solutions that helped AFA address some of these issues, particularly around social media outreach. Here’s an article from the group on what they felt after meeting Zeenat, an Art for Akanksha alumni.

Zeenat joined an Akanksha school when she was just eight years old and became a part of the art project at Akanksha (Art for Akanksha) at the age of ten. As she speaks of her experience at Art for Akanksha, she says, “I learnt that just like artists who can draw, paint, or create beautiful art, even we can express ourselves through art.” She believed that one doesn’t need to be a great artist to paint or create something big. Even a layman can draw the simplest of things. But these simple things can turn into wonderful creations only if we put in our wholehearted effort and determination. Zeenat’s confidence and belief in herself stood out for us.

Her art was a reflection of herself; it was a window for the world to see who she was and what she could do. “I use colours differently because I don’t want to do what everybody else is doing. Art has given me the confidence to express my feelings through colours.” We realised that art had not only boosted her confidence, but also opened up future opportunities for her. Armed with the knowledge of all the art that she’d been exposed to through the years and a sense of independence and increased self belief, she wants to become a famous fashion designer one day. Zeenat’s future was set in motion and we were excited for her!

Zeenat believes that being with the Akanksha program all these years has helped her get more clarity. “Because I know what I want to do with my future… It’s not important that I draw perfectly but it’s important that I am able to express my creativity.” Zeenat had managed to paint her future in front of our eyes… It was bright, colourful and boundary less.

We wish you the very best, Zeenat!



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