Art & Craft: What’s that Splash!

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We are back again! This art activity is especially for those children who love to get messy. It’s about teaching them that art can be created out of even the biggest mess, and how they can explore, see things differently and develop new ideas through art.

Suitable for 5 to 8 year olds

Materials Needed:

  • Cartridge paper
  • Black markers
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Primary colors
  • Brushes


Take some paint in your brush and put it on paper. Add a couple of colors and then a little water. Hold the paper and let the paint move around till it looks like a mess!

Wait for it to dry.

As the sheet is drying, pull out a pre-painted / dried sheet of paper. Ask your child to look really hard. Can they see anything in there? Help by starting – “Oh, I see a giraffe! Let me outline it with a marker.” Before you know it, you will see an entire scene in that mess!

Once their sheets are dry, let them start looking. Let them outline it with a marker.

Don’t forget to appreciate their outstanding creativity!

Thoughts and After Questions:

Was it easy or was it difficult? When you really look hard, you can see amazing things!

The Art for Akanksha workshops create a common platform for children and adults from different sections of the society to interact with each other. The sessions empower each of them with the knowledge, that no matter how different they are, they have the same potential.

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