A Diwali Makeover with Art for Akanksha Murals

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Rian’s Room

Rian wanted his room painted. It needed to capture what was important to him. The designer working in his home as well as his mom, simply could not put a brief down. We got the chance to meet, see the room and hear the story he wanted depicted. It had to have superman, show his home planet as well as earth, had to have him zooming to rescue someone, a building on fire was a must, and of course an alien spaceship!


Art for Akanksha to the rescue!! We can paint anything on anything!

So with a tiny team we helped Rian with a few sketches, got him to do research and find reference images as well as work on his own sketch and then sent in a more stylised design of what we could do for him.

2 akanksha alumni worked with him through the day to paint his wall and were joined by his mom, dad, nani and sister as well! Each brought in their own way style and philosophy as well as additions to the mural. Rian’s sister even added a tower with Rupanzel’s hair flowing down!

What started as a simple superman to the rescue story evolved and unfolded before us – there were pancakes on fire, spongebob’s home, a catapulting ice cream store and many other such additions which made his wall and his room a special little part of the home.


The experience was one which gave Rian a chance to be a part of the process from start to end, pushed him to express his thoughts, to be fine with the understanding that ideas evolve and change and grow as you work on them as well as to make him see that its important to push yourself to do things you’re not always confident about.


If you want a mural painted, get in touch with us. We’ll help you create a story of your own.

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