Bring Art to your School

Having run an art program in the organisation since 1996, the team at Akanksha has built an expertise around teaching it and an understanding of what it can do for children. Within the Akanksha network, we currently reach 13000+ students through 30 art teachers across 26 schools in 3 cities.

We feel poised and ready to take art to organisations and schools beyond the students we directly serve. We believe that the partnerships we engage in need to be customised to a high degree for each school, each organisation, for it to be effective.

The Partnership Model

The partnership model is a way through which we hope to take art in a much deeper way to children beyond Akanksha with the intent to do a lot more than share resources and curriculum

  • We understand the needs and context and align on objectives with the partner school / organisation. We co-create a set of lessons or curate them from our existing curriculum.
  • We put together a customised training plan for the year which covers both synchronous and async class options and try to integrate key objectives of the organisation in these trainings.
  • Teachers are observed in their classes and key objectives are debriefed together and
    learning for us on where support is needed the most
  • Akanksha art classes are offered as lab spaces for partner teachers to come in and
    observe based on their areas of development. They can pick up strategies and this too is
    debriefed and integrated into our training plans.
  • We sign an MoU to ensure that we are clear on the partnership and roles of each organisation.

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