This is a special space – one where the team of teachers, staff, children, alumni, partners and customers use their colours, shiny sequins and pompoms to talk about their art ideas, stories, triumphs as well as challenges. This is the voice of Art for Akanksha.

Saee’s Bird of Paradise

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‘This flower is a burst of freshness for my eyes, and makes me feel all positive and happy.

The colours are like magic – the cool and warm mix.’

Saee, 14 year old Akanksha student 


Which flower brightens your day and how does it make you feel?


Alfiya telling us about Nature

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‘Nature teaches life lessons.

The flowers growing in little cracks say nothing is impossible.

The sunflower blooms in sunshine and says bad times will not always be there.

Trees shed leaves, new leaves grow and that says we can’t give up hope.

Birds can teach us so much from how they live.’

Alfiya, 14 year old Akanksha student 


What has nature taught you?


Hadiya on her Superpower!

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‘When I create art, I can express myself in the coolest ways.

It even helps me feel more confident, like I’m truly being myself.

It’s not just about making pretty pictures, it’s so much more.

Art actually helps me think more critically and solve problems.’

Hadiya, 14 year old Akanksha student

My secret superpower is art.

What’s yours?



Sufiyan’s Art

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‘Art means a lot to me. I express myself.

I communicate thoughts and emotions.

I learn so many skills that are valuable not only in art but in my school and in my life.’

Sufiyan, 13 year old Akanksha student 


What are some valuable skills that you have learned through art?



The Eye by Alfiya

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‘The eye here portrays the creative imagination of a human being.

The eye symbolizes the many things we observe and our imaginative thoughts – both good and evil.’

Alfiya, 14 year old Akanksha student 


What comes to your mind when you think of creativity and imagination?