Reaching Beyond

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Our installation is an elephant with wings of a butterfly. It has been made out of plastic bottles and used tubs. The animal is decorated with glitter, mirrors, gift papers, etc.

Our students brainstormed on ideas around feeling light, bright, free and reaching beyond. The elephant is a thinking creature and is among the most intelligent species. The wise elephant seems to be bogged down by the weight of limitations that surround him.

The butterfly is free and light but may have a tendency to become flighty and vapid. So our animal is a hybrid of an elephant and a butterfly representing freedom and astuteness to reach beyond all internal and external shackles.

The elephant symbolizes great strength and intelligence but it is grounded by societal dictates. The butterfly wings symbolizes freedom without judgment but together they form an animal with the ability to reach within and beyond. We think that the world will be a better place if each one of us reaches beyond caste, religion, borders, nations and limits in order to live a harmonious and productive life.  The installation is an emblem of our children’s wish to reach beyond what is expected from them.

Created by:
9 to 13 year olds of Dadabhai Navroji Mumbai Public School –
an MCGM school run in partnership with The Akanksha Foundation 

If you love the installations and the hard work put in by our children and teachers, do send us your picture with our installation and a line on why you like it to The best answers will win our art tiffin box filled with goodies. We’d love to feature you on our blog! 

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