Art for Akanksha Calendar 2019 from the Science&Art Collection


‘The Akanksha Children Present the ScienceArt Collection’

 Akanksha has always believed as an organisation that every opportunity is one to learn from and that learning is happening everywhere.

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‘The Akanksha Children Present the ScienceArt Collection’

‘Life is about Connections’ is a series of curricula integrating art with various subjects – math, science and soon language. It’s about the tremendous connections there are between how we live our lives and what we learn in the classroom.
It is purely in that spirit that we put together lessons which bring together two subjects that actually go very beautifully together – Science and Art. So much of what we practice in art is inspired and derived from nature. The connections are numerous and deep and this integrated module is a celebration of that.
We’ve taken the science objective, blended it with an art objective and thrown in the scope for a child to simply imagine along with learning a life skill and most importantly discovering his / her story and finding a medium to express it.


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