Lending a Home to Art!

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To help us in our endeavour to spread the message of art and its immense possibilities in impacting the lives of our children, Art for Akanksha supporters decided to come together by…lending us their homes!

They decided that a simple way to raise money for art education was to bring their family and friends into their homes and to overwhelm them by a crazy riot of colours in the form of our products designed to be bursting with energy and vibrancy.

It’s a simple yet powerful concept. The Art for Akanksha Home Bazaars.

Over the years, we’ve had many of our ardent supporters lend their homes to us for a day – to turn their living rooms into a bazaar space, but one which is more intimate and personal. It becomes a space to understand what art can do for children and how they in turn can support it – through sales, donations, teaching and volunteering.

As we launch a new collection of designs and products for the festive season, the Home Bazaars become an incredible tool for us to meet new people, and open up opportunities in many new directions.

Here’s a little peak into our gracious hosts Indu and Shameek Bhargava’s home. We were overwhelmed by their love and wonderful response from their friends and family.

If you’ve missed the excitement here, you can catch us again at Riyana and Ishani’s home tomorrow, September 23rd, from 11am to 7pm, at 1101 Callalily, Z Wing, Nahar Amrit Shakti Chandivali, Powai. Bring your friends along to witness the magic of art and children. Do help us spread the word!

Skyline from the Retrospective Collection Flowers From the Retrospective Collection


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