Donate art supplies for intermediate art exam

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It’s that time of the year when you get a chance to do a little bit to support our talented artists in school. 312 students from 9 Akanksha run schools are giving the elementary or intermediate art exam in the next few months. They need good quality art supplies to help them enhance their skills.

These state run art exams are critical for students who want to pursue any kind of career connected to art and are like entrance exams for some of the top art colleges in the state.

Last year of the 189 students who took the exams, 30% got A and B grades which is really good. 60% got a C grade which will give them the chance to apply to an art college and that’s all we really want – that our students have options to pick the careers that they are most passionate about.

The art team supports art teachers and school teams in all the extra classes and times that students need to crack this exam. What we struggle with is getting the art supplies as they are expensive. The last two years have been incredible in how so many of our supporters have helped so generously. We hope you continue to do so.